Dogs Can Fly

There once was a dog,

who sat on a log,

watching the birds flying by.

He watched and he waited,

and carefully contemplated,

how could a dog fly that high?

So he jumped from the log,

and thought, yes, I’m a dog,

but there must be a way I can fly!

With more contemplation,

and deep determination,

he knew what he needed to buy.

He quickly ran to the store,

and slid through the door,

filling his basket so high.

Now it might sound quite funny,

but a dog with no money,

was told, “get out of here you wise guy.”

So he raced across the floor,

to a display by the door,

grabbing balloons as he went running by.

So, needless to say,

he went flying away,

like the birds so high in the sky.

~ © dlg ~

Poem by Me*Ü*