The Monster Under the Bed

There once was a mouse,

who lived in a house,

with a bunny, a bear and two birds.

They'd climb into bed,

and bury their heads,

and no one would whisper a word.

For everyone knew,

they’d had enough clues,

that a monster lived under the bed.

Wondering what he would do,

or if he liked to chew,

only filled them with dread.

So night after night,

with covers wrapped tight,

they'd lay their heads to sleep.

And when a grumbling sound,

came up from the ground,

no one would let out a peep.

If only they knew,

that it just wasn’t true,

the monster wasn’t scary in the end.

He was just all alone,

and would let out a moan,

asking "Will you please be my friend?"

~ © dlg ~

Poem by Me*Ü*

"A Monster Under My Bed" Illustration Copyright Lucia Stewart - Used with Permission

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